How to Make Facebook Account Private

When you post on Facebook, you can pick who will see that post, as well as all future posts. Nevertheless, exactly what if you wish to limit who can see all the posts you've made in the past? Facebook has a setting to do simply that How To Make Facebook Account Private.

You can restrict the audience for any of the posts on your timeline by clicking the down arrow in the upper-right corner of a post, selecting "Edit Post" from the dropdown menu, and choosing your audience from the popup menu next to the Save button. But that just alters one post, and if you wish to change every Facebook post you have actually ever made, that would be really tedious.

How To Make Facebook Account Private

Nevertheless, there's a setting that alters all your past posts-- or a minimum of your past "Public" or "Pals of Pals" posts-- to "Friends" in one click. To alter this setting, gain access to your Facebook account in a web browser and click the down arrow next to the Privacy Shortcuts button on the toolbar in the upper-right corner of the browser window. Click "Settings" on the drop-down menu.

On the Settings page, click "Privacy" in the list of options left wing.

The "Personal Privacy Settings and Tools" screen display screens. In the "Who can see my stuff?" area, click in the "Limitation the audience for posts you've shown friends of good friends or Public" section.

The area broadens and shows a description of exactly what this setting does. To limit all your past posts to Friends, click "Limit Old Posts".

KEEP IN MIND: The Limitation Old Posts setting instantly limits the audience for all your old posts to Friends. If you desire to limit posts to a custom individual or group of individuals, such as Close Friends, you must change the audience for each post separately, one at a time, as we pointed out previously in this post.

As soon as you have actually clicked "Limit Old Posts", a confirmation dialog box displays to make sure you really wish to alter the audience for all your old posts without evaluating them.

Ensure you desire to do this, as you can not undo this action! You would have to change the audience for each post one at a time if you alter your mind later on.

Click "Validate" if you choose to go on and restrict all your old posts to Pals.

Another dialog box displays when the change is complete. Click "Close".

There are a few things to think about when utilizing the Limitation Old Posts setting:.

  • If you've shared any posts with custom-made audiences, this setting will not alter the audiences for those past posts. This setting only alters the audience for posts that are shared with pals of friends or the public.

  • If you've tagged somebody in a past post, that person, along with other people that individual included in posts they're tagged in, are still included in the audience for that post after you restrict the audience for all old posts. So, it's smart to be cautious who you tag in posts.

  • The Limit Old Posts setting only restricts the audience for posts you have actually personally shared. If you were tagged in somebody else's post, just they can limit who sees that post. You can make it harder for people to tag you in posts by preventing your name from being suggested when your pals post images that include you.

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