How to Hide My Photos On Facebook

Register Facebook knows that often we wish to only a small group of individuals to have access to see and discuss our Facebook images, which we release on our wall or on our albums that is a more orderly way of having actually hosted images in our mind, it is possible that for particular factors we look for the method to conceal our Facebook pictures in view of some good friends or associates that we have in our contact list, How To Hide My Photos On Facebook.

How To Hide My Photos On Facebook

Isn't really the only way which will then reveal and no matter without we have the brand-new Facebook interface or even keep the previous one, the procedure is the same unless there is a transformation to all the product that users can submit to this social media network which we hope does not happen but we will case, the first thing we have to do is get in the "Pictures" area which we find on the side or low the header if we have the new Facebook user interface. And as we see in the image we see all our picture albums produced and handled by us, for each album will see an icon situated on the bottom as shown below:

Well, to hide our Facebook images we have more than one choice, you can select that the album is public, just for friends, a third choice where just we can see the images of this album and the third that allows us to Tailor IE define which users will not be able to see such images, to select Personalize a window will be displayed and which need to specify the choice "People or particular lists" and as we see in the single image is enter the name of individuals you desire to not see our photos.

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Do not forget to conserve the changes prior to switching to another section, as we can see we have great choices to conceal your images from Facebook, we need to always delete them if we desire them to be visible just for us and more helpful is that we can conceal the Facebook photos in a personalized way. As I stated it is not the only way however is I think among the most basic and practices at the time of limit this aspect of our personal privacy.

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