How to Deactivate Facebook Temporarily

Facebook permits page owners and page admins to shut off a Facebook page. Deactivating is nearly like erasing however this one is temporary. It essentially removes the page and its contents from the web and makes it not available. How To Deactivate Facebook Temporarily.

There are a variety of reasons you might desire your Facebook page to briefly disappear. Am here to show you how you can make that occur.

How To Deactivate Facebook Temporarily

Check in to your Facebook account. The one that admins the page you are shutting down. Go to the page you want to shut down. The settings panel will be noticeable since you are signed in to your account. On the page settings panel, click on 'Settings' on the upper right side.

You can likewise reach the settings page using this URL: where 'username' is the username of the page.

On the settings page, click on 'Edit' beside Page Exposure. Unpublish the Facebook page is just another way of saying 'Deactivate'. The Facebook page will disappear from the public.

The main advantage of this function is that, the page is still available for admins and other function gamers who can work on it while it is offline.

When you seem like reactivating the page, go back to the page exposure setting and uncheck the 'Unpublish page' check box. The page will be readily available to the public.

The best ways to cancel your Facebook Page removal

  • Go to your Page within 14 days of scheduling to erase your Page

  • Click Cancel Removal at the top of your Page

  • Click Confirm and then click OK

You can likewise erase your personal FB account.

Keep in mind: If you don't see the choice to erase your Page, ensure you're an admin of the Page. And one more thing please don’t forget to share this awesome trick to use the How To Deactivate Facebook Temporarily with your friends.