How Do I Turn Off Facebook Messenger

How Do I Turn Off Facebook Messenger - The brand-new Facebook Messenger app that was introduced couple of months back lacks the important Logout choice. Because of this, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users are not able to log out of the new Facebook Messenger app on mobile phones. It's pretty odd as to why Facebook removed the 'Logout' option or maybe they do not desire users to stop using their Messenger.

How Do I Turn Off Facebook Messenger

Well, it's not possible to sign out from within the Messenger however there is a simple workaround to do so if you're utilizing an Android gadget. iPhone, iPad and WP users can also logout without uninstalling the app however that requires utilizing Facebook's web interface, either from your mobile internet browser or desktop. Though, this isn't an easy to use method but will do the needed job.

Logout from Messenger on Android

Go to phone Settings > Applications and open the Messenger app. Click the 'Clear data' choice and now open Messenger. You'll now able to log into Messenger using a different Facebook account. Note: If you have actually Facebook app set up and you're singed into it then Messenger will still reveal your formerly linked account that can be set up immediately.

To sign in utilizing a different ID, simply click the 'Switch Account' choice. In case you wish to unlink your earlier account from Messenger, merely logout from Facebook app.

Keep in mind: Cleaning data will eliminate the app settings and all your messenger data (kept in your area) such as photos. Nevertheless, the messages and images will be synced once again with your account. Follow the below alternate treatment rather, if you don't want the information to be cleaned off.

Logout from Facebook App/ Messenger App on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Desktop (Recommended Method).

This is an extremely beneficial method to remotely logout from Facebook from any or all the gadgets to which your Facebook account is connected with. It comes real handy in case you loose access to a specific gadget and wish to prevent unauthorised access to your account. The benefit of this workaround is that it doesn't wipes your regional Messenger data and works with all major mobile OS like iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android and Windows Phone.

To do so, log into your Facebook account from your desktop internet browser or use Chrome internet browser to log into on your smart device and select desktop version of the site. In Facebook, browse to Settings > Security and click on "Where You're Visited" option.

Here you can see all your Facebook active sessions along with details like Device type. Select the Messenger one and click "End activity". Now open Messenger on your phone and it'll automatically log off (wait for a short while and make certain you're linked to Web.).

Dear Facebook, please don't irritate users by pulling off standard performance. Take that! And one more thing please don’t forget to share this awesome trick to use the How Do I Turn Off Facebook Messenger with your friends.