How Do I Stop Facebook Notifications

I have no idea how or why it started, I just desire it to stop. The past couple months, I've started to get notices about random good friends' activity on Facebook "How Do I Stop Facebook Notifications". It states something like, "Brenda posted a picture," to which I'm scratching my head wondering, "and why do I care exactly what Brenda who I knew in Fifth grade and haven't seen given that did?" Apparently, I'm not the only one all of a sudden receiving notices from random friends. So let's determine the best ways to stop this! Here's how to stop receiving notifications from random good friends on Facebook.

How Do I Stop Facebook Notifications

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How to Stop Getting Notifications from Random Friends on Facebook

Utilize this part of the idea to stop getting alerts from some of your buddies. Avoid to the 2nd part to turn off getting Friends' activity completely.

- Open the Facebook app on your iPhone, and go to the profile of the buddy you don't wish to get notices for.

- Tap on Friend.

- Tap Edit Good Friend Notes.

- Select Acquaintances.

- Tap Done.

Ways To Stop Receiving Notifications from ALL Random Friends on Facebook

- Open the Facebook app on your iPhone.

- Tap the icon in the lower right corner that appears like three horizontal lines.

- Scroll down to the bottom and choose Settings.

- Tap Account Settings.

- Select Notifications.

- Pick Close Buddies activity.

- Uncheck Get alerts.

Hopefully this short article How Do I Stop Facebook Notifications has given you further insight into the Facebook.