Facebook Old Password Recovery

You are not alone! Hundreds of people turn to us with comparable questions every day Facebook Old Password Recovery. Thankfully, Facebook offers several automated methods to reclaim your account. Whether you forgot your password or can no longer log in because a hacker altered it, you have numerous alternatives. We'll show you how to recover your Facebook account, step-by-step.

Unfortunately, Facebook will not email you your password. But that's a great thing. I would hope that most websites with proper security don't actually know your password. Rather, they just have a way to know that you've typed it in properly.

Facebook Old Password Recovery

You can try 2 methods: the official way and the ... well, the not-so-official method. Even if you don't use the not-so-official method, you ought to understand about it because it really represents a possible security threat.

Facebook login password reset

Simply listed below the login password entry field on Facebook's sign-in page is a link:

Click that and you'll be taken to a page including something like this:

The initial step is to enter the distorted words presented in the CAPTCHA. This is utilized to avoid automatic hacking efforts by "showing" that you're human.

Then, get in the e-mail address you use to login to Facebook or your smart phone number as registered in your Facebook account, and press Continue. Facebook will then ask for final confirmation:

After pressing Reset my password, Facebook presents the next action in the procedure:

Sure enough, you must discover a message like this in your email after a brief time:

In this example, I'll take the verification code that was provided in that e-mail (1089b2b8 in this example, yours will be various), enter it into the last page that Facebook presented above, press Submit, and:

Because I verified that I am the rightful owner of the account by accessing the email connected with the account, Facebook now enables me to set my own new password.

That's the official and correct method to gain back access to your account: by proving ownership of the e-mail account (or mobile number, which works similarly) then setting a new password.

Facebook login password healing
If you want to recuperate your existing password, I have to make it clear that you might not be able to do this.

That being said, if you've had your internet browser remember the password for you, it may be frighteningly simple.

I'll use Firefox as my example.

Click Tools, Alternatives, and after that in the Security tab, click the Saved Passwords ... button:

This lists all the sites where Firefox saved your password. You can narrow it down by typing "Facebook" in the Browse box as I have actually done here.

Click Show Passwords. After a little additional paranoia:

The Saved Passwords dialog box is updated with an extra column-- the actual password-- noticeable for all to see:

Naturally, I've blurred my password here, but in reality, it's clear as day.

If you use Internet Explorer, you'll have to download a separate tool. Nirsoft has numerous password recovery tools including "IE PassView," which will expose the passwords conserved by Internet Explorer.

All this presumes that you've allowed your internet browser to save your passwords for you. If you have not, then this technique will not work.

Security concern.

The security issue that I mentioned?

If you enable your internet browser to save passwords, anyone with access to your device can perform the web browser password healing steps described above to discover exactly what those passwords are.

Make sure that your device is safe.

What next?

After you have actually recovered your account-- or after you have actually determined that it can not be recovered-- I strongly suggest you read my article 10 steps to avoid getting your account hacked, Facebook Old Password Recovery. You'll wish to do everything you can to avoid getting yourself in this circumstance again. Be it due to simply forgetting a password, or to in fact having had your account hacked, that article will assist you set things up safely to avoid it from taking place once again.