Facebook Com Login Desktop Site

Firstly let me inform you the primary factor behind using Facebook Com Login Desktop Site on cellphone. Desktop website provide Total Structure and More Performance. However some of the features may be concealed in mobile version. In case of Facebook, it's a long list and if you are Designer or Group/Page manager, list goes on. Returning to the point, there are 2 various ways you can try. I choose to use Google Chrome for it. If you do not have, then please go to play-store for download.

Facebook Com Login Desktop Site

On Android

1. Use home.php Method

This is one of the main way (and one of my favorite too) which work easily in almost all web browsers. Nevertheless a few of the internet browsers like UC & Opera can adjust layout to fit screen. Follow listed below instructions -

Just go to google chrome and add "/ home.php" after Facebook URL. Final web address will appear like this:


Make sure that you have actually used "www", otherwise it will not work and immediately redirect you to the default android mobile variation. If login page appear, then check in very first & try again. When you are switched to desktop view, all followed links will be opened in exact same version. As you close window, changes will vanish and you have to add home.php once again next time.

2. Use Inbuilt "Demand Desktop Site" Function.

This technique operate in all popular web browsers. I am using google chrome here. Being a part of google, chrome is most liked internet browser so far and provide range of inbuilt functions to help regular users along with developer. One of many enjoyed feature is "Demand Desktop Site" option which let you move from mobile variation to desktop directly in one click.

First open internet browser normally and after that click on option button (three dots available right to the site URL tab ). After this a long menu list will appear. Discover and Click "Demand Desktop Website" alternative as displayed in below image. Simple "tick mark" the button beside it.

Now go to normal Facebook website www.facebook.com and boom. See the magic.

On Computer system.

So how & why it is required to use mobile website on computer? Among the greatest element is "less information use". Yes it's true. Comparing to desktop sites, mobile websites have less graphics and are easy to load. Exact same uses to Facebook. Here I have collected 2 various methods you can attempt -.

1. Usage m. Mobile Version.

Typically m. describes the mobile URL of any site. We will be utilizing this on Facebook domain. Merely go to login page and include "m." prior to site URL. Last link will look like this -.


Don't include "www" before "m.". After this wait up until page is totally loaded. Using this approach you will be redirected to android mobile variation of Facebook which will look something like in listed below photo.

2. Usage mbasic Mobile Version.

As like "m.", "mbasic" is another mobile variation. This will offer the oldest simple format of Facebook as displayed in listed below picture -.

Now you might question how I do that. It's basic and like we utilize "m." technique. Merely include mbasic before site address. Last address will appear like this -.


Again do not include "www" before it. This method will reroute you to the easiest layout fb format (having no extra graphics) which can certainly assist to lower data usage.

So this is everything about how to use Facebook mobile version on computer or vice-versa. Hope it works for you. Choose any one method which matches you best and enjoy. If you have any inquiry, please ask me in below remark type. What other helpful outcomes did you discover utilizing this technique? Let me know!

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