Delete All Post In Facebook

If you reside in a nation where your task potential customers can be marred by your social networks activities, it's always a wise concept to be very careful about what you publish on websites like Facebook, "Delete All Post In Facebook". A silly Facebook upgrade might not even affect your job search now, it might later on haunt you in the future when you find it being used against you.

Delete All Post In Facebook

It's been 3 years considering that we posted a short article on the best ways to wipe your Facebook timeline and strip it down to nothing but all of us understand how Facebook changes every so often, breaking techniques and hacks discovered to make the social networks platform more useable.

An Android app to delete your Facebook timeline was also launched which we wrote about however I'm sure Facebook has actually eliminated this already. The trick published in the short article to wipe clean Facebook timeline no longer works and we were called by one of our users who brought it to our notice.

I tried it and understood it was true. iMacros is a Firefox plugin that automatically loops whatever you inform it to do on a web page. Merely tell it to delete a post and loop it, it keeps doing it till each and every single post has actually been deleted.

The new timeline does not support this add-on however then I just personally found a method around it that works pretty well. If you're fretted about previous status updates and photos on your Facebook timeline messing up your job prospects or personal life, here's a way out.

Using iMacros to Erase all Facebook Timeline Posts

- Now sit back, unwind and view the magic occur. You can change to another tab and just proceed doing something else however be sure to inspect occasionally to see if the posts are still being erased.

This works quite well at the time of writing this article. By the method, controlling your personal privacy settings is recommended and we have a detailed on that you can have a look at.

How do I erase all my posts on Facebook at when using an Android/Windows PC?

To erase Facebook Posts all at as soon as, you should first login to your Facebook Account.

  • Go To Activity Log (Leading Right Drop Down Menu).

  • To Erase Posts made by you, Change to Your Posts, you can find a Pencil like Icon, click it & select Delete to erase it. There is also a choice to conceal the Facebook Posts by selecting Hidden from Timeline.

  • Delete it one by one & make your Timeline look clean and clear.

  • To Delete Posts tagged by another person, Change to Posts You're Tagged In, you can discover a Pencil like Icon, click on it & select Delete to erase it. There is likewise an alternative to hide it by picking Hidden from Timeline.

Sadly there is no choice to delete all posts simultaneously, you have do it one by one.

If it's a Facebook Page, you can delete approximately 25 posts at the same time.

Ways to erase Facebook Posts at when on your Facebook Page?

  • Open Your Facebook Page.

  • Change To Publishing Tools.

  • Select the Checkbox that you can find at Top of all your Posts & just below the text "Released Posts".

  • Click Actions and Delete option.

  • You can erase as much as 25 posts at the same time. Un-Select those which you desire to left on your Page.

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