Upload Gif On Facebook

Giphy, a brand-new startup from tech studio Betaworks, just made it dead simple to embed GIFs straight onto your Facebook Timeline, Upload Gif On Facebook. If you want to share a GIF on Facebook, very first head on over to Giphy.

Upload Gif On Facebook

Giphy enables you to search through all the GIFs that developers have submitted to the website. When you discover a GIF you wish to share, click the Facebook icon below the animation.

A standard Facebook share box will pop up. From there, you can choose if you wish to share it on your Timeline, a good friend's timeline, in a group, or in a private message.

I decided to share it on my Timeline. Click the play icon to see the GIF.

Ways To Post Animated GIFs to Facebook with Postradamus

For several years Facebook has actually avoided permitting animated GIFs in news feeds stating it would be "too chaotic". Recently however, this choice was reversed and you can finally start publishing animated GIFs to your feeds.

Typically when publishing images to Facebook, you would click "Photo/video", and after that select one of the lots of options for uploading pictures (such as the very first choice, "Upload Photos/Video"):.

This works fantastic for regular pictures and images, however if you attempt to submit an animated GIF by doing this, you will discover that Facebook takes the "animated" out of animated GIF.

The proper way.

Rather, you ought to click the "Status tab", and paste the URL of the animated GIF into the status message. This is the exact same mechanism utilized for producing a link post.

Optionally, you can then delete the URL from the status box if you do not desire it to be published with your GIF.

It's a lot easier in Postradamus.
Simply publish the GIF to your post!

Thus the article Upload Gif On Facebook from us, hopefully useful thank you.