Turn Off Facebook Autoplay

Turn Off Facebook Autoplay. In recent months, both Twitter and facebook have allowed auto-play videos; whenever a video enters your feed or timeline, it immediately starts playing. At finest, it's an inconvenience that chews through your information cap. , At worst, the "function" forces you to see videos of things you 'd normally avoid-- a nastiness highlighted today after someone murdered a set of journalists on-camera in Virginia, then posted videos of the action to his social feeds, which were then re-shared widely.

Turn Off Facebook Autoplay

Ways to disable Facebook's auto-play video is simply as easy.

On the internet, click the downward-facing arrow at the right of the blue menu bar at the top of the screen, then choose Settings.

On the next page, select Video from the list of choices on the left-hand side, then set the "Auto-Play Videos" drop-down menu to Off.

To disable auto-play videos on Facebook's mobile apps, you'll wish to first open the Choice "hamburger" menu at the top of the screen, which likes like three stacked horizontal lines. On Android, head to App Settings > Videos play instantly > Off; iPhone users ought to browse to Settings > Videos > Autoplay > Off.

The best ways to disable Twitter's auto-play videos

To disable Twitter's auto-play videos, sign into the Twitter web customer, then click on your profile image and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

You'll be disposed on the Account section of your settings. Merely scroll down to the "Video Tweets" alternative under Content, then uncheck the box that states "Video autoplay."

Click the Save Modifications button at the bottom of the screen, re-enter your password to verify the change, and you're done.

To disable auto-play videos in Twitter's Android app, tap the Options button (which appears like 3 stacked dots) and select Settings. Next, tap General, then Video autoplay. Here, choose "Never play videos instantly."

If you're using an iPhone, tap Me in the lower-right corner, then navigate to Gear icon > Settings > Video autoplay and choose "Never ever play videos instantly."

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