Sharing Videos On Facebook

Facebook is everything about networking and sharing, and videos are no exception. Depending upon the video and your intended outcome, you can reveal or send your buddy a video in numerous ways. Provide her the link in chat or on her Timeline if the video is posted on the Internet. If the video isn't online, submit a short video directly to her. For videos posted on Facebook, tag her in the video or its remarks section, "Sharing Videos On Facebook".

Sharing Videos On Facebook

Sharing a Buddy's Video Post

1.  Navigate to Facebook and log in. Locate your buddy's video that you wish to share.

2. Click the blue "Share" button below the video.

3. Click "Share Link" in order to publish the video for your friends to see. Learn more about modifying the video details and personal privacy settings in the "Editing a Video's Privacy and Details Particulars" area at the end of this short article.

Uploading your Personal Video from your Computer system

1.  Browse to Facebook and log in. Click the "Add Photos/Video" button. This link is at the top of the page, immediately following the "Update Status" and preceding the "Produce Picture Album" text.

2. Navigate through your computer and select a video to upload.

  • Facebook will only enable you to submit videos in these formats: 3g2, 3gp, 3gpp, asf, avi, dat, divx, dv, f4v, flv, m2ts, m4v, mkv, mod, mov, mp4, mpe, mpeg, mpeg4, mpg, mts, nsv, ogm, ogv, qt, tod, ts, vob, and wmv. You can find the file format by ideal clicking the file and choosing "Properties" in Windows or "Get Information" in Mac OS X. You will find the file format noted beside "File Format" in Windows and "Kind" in Mac OS X.

  • Facebook also restricts the size and length of the video. You might only submit video which are up to 1gb or 20 minutes, whichever comes initially.

3. Click on the file you wish to upload and then click "Open.".

4. Click "Post" to publish your video. The video will take some time to upload, but Facebook will notify you when the video is all set to see.

Publishing a Video's URL.

1.  Discover your video's URL (normally in the top bar of your browser). Copy the URL.

  • You may copy a URL by highlighting it and either right-clicking then choosing "copy" or by pressing CTL+C on your keyboard.

2. Navigate and log into Facebook.

3. Paste the URL as a status update. Then click on "Post." You will see that you can play the video directly from Facebook.

  • To past the URL, you might either right-click and select "paste" or press CTL+V on your keyboard.

Publishing a Video Utilizing the "Share" Function.

1.  Find the video you desire to share on your wanted video website.

2. Find the "Share" Button and Click it.

  • In Youtube, the button appears as connected text (i.e. "Share") below the video.

  • In DailyMotion, the button is an overlay on the video which particularly says "Facebook" with the Facebook logo.

  • If you are utilizing a various site, then you might need to search for a variation of the "Share" button.

3. Follow any needed steps to share with Facebook.

  • In Youtube, a drop-down list will appear. Click the blue and white "f," the Facebook logo design.

  • In DailyMotion, just click the first Facebook logo that is overlaid on the video.

  • Other "Share" features may have you click other variations of the Facebook logo.

4. Log in to Facebook and compose a comment if you wish.

5. Click the "Share" button. Your video will be published and you will be able to view it from Facebook.

Editing a Video's Personal privacy and Info Details.

When sharing a video on Facebook, you might add extra details about it. Before clicking "Post" from Facebook or using the "Share" function from other sites, consider what additional details you want to add about the video.

1.  Compose something about the video by typing in the space that states, "State something about this ...".

2. Click "Custom" to choose who you desire to see the video. For instance, you can allow anyone on the internet to view it by selecting "Public" or limit access to just your Facebook pals by clicking on "Pals.".

3. Tag individuals to the video by clicking the icon in the lower left-hand side which appears like a profile of an individual with a plus indication. Type their name then click that person when Facebook lists them.

4. Add an area to the video by clicking on the icon which looks like an upside-down teardrop. Type the area and after that click your wanted location when Facebook lists it.

5. Click on the icon which looks like a smiling face to include what you're feeling or doing.

  • Navigate through Facebook's alternatives, such as "sensation" or "seeing." You may opt to select among the choices Facebook supplies or type your own response. For example, if you are seeing a specific program then type the name and Facebook will probably list the program, which you would click. If you wish to state that you are "viewing my household" since you have actually shared your better half's vacation video, nevertheless, then you might simply type that text in the box. Given that Facebook does not have a pre-programmed for "my household," you will need to scroll to the bottom of the predetermined choices and click on your specific text (in this instance "my family").

6. Make sure the "State something about this ..." section updates as you have actually picked prior to clicking "Post.".

Hopefully this short article Sharing Videos On Facebook has given you further insight into the Facebook.