How to Send A Video Over Facebook

How To Send A Video Over Facebook - If you have the main YouTube app installed on your iPad and you have actually connected your Facebook account to iOS, you can share videos from YouTube to Facebook with a few taps. If you're preparing to share a lot of videos, this is the most straightforward way to do it. You can likewise copy YouTube links by hand to the main Facebook app for iPad if it is installed. Another alternative is not to set up the main apps at all however to utilize the YouTube and Facebook websites inside your iPad's Web browser.

How To Send A Video Over Facebook

Action 1
Open the Settings app from your iPad's home screen then pick "Facebook." Enter your username and password in the fields offered and tap "Sign In."

Action 2
Introduce the YouTube app and discover the video you wish to share to Facebook. Tap the share button (a ">" shape) to raise the sharing alternatives.

Step 3
Select "Facebook" from the menu. As long as your Facebook account is linked to iOS, a share box automatically appears that includes the URL of the YouTube video.

Step 4
Include any text you want to the update. By default the title of the clip is included however you can erase or customize this if you wish to.

Step 5
Tap "Place" to add a place to your Facebook update. The app asks consent to use your current area, then provides a list of close-by locations to pick from.

Step 6
Tap on the "Audience" connect to set who can see your post (this is set to "Buddies" by default). You can select from any of your good friend lists, keep the post personal to yourself or make it public so that anybody can see it.

Action 7
Tap "Post" when you have actually made all of your changes to send the upgrade to Facebook.

You can also utilize the "Copy Link" choice on the YouTube share menu to publish a connect to the video by hand on Facebook. Switch to the Facebook app, then tap and keep in a status or remark box and pick "Paste." You can utilize this alternative if you do not have your Facebook account linked to iOS.

YouTube and Facebook are likewise readily available on the Web through the iPad's Safari app or any other browser you have actually set up.

As in the YouTube app, you can tap the Share button on the YouTube site to raise a list of choices. Select "Facebook" and the browser will produce an update on the Facebook site that consists of the link. You can use the "Copy Link" alternative online, too.

The steps above have actually been tested with iOS 7.0.4 and the latest versions of the YouTube and Facebook apps as of January 2014. If you are using different variations of the software, the process might vary.

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