How to See who Stalks Your Facebook

How To See Who Stalks Your Facebook, Facebook users are seeing posts like the one listed below that claims to reveal the "top stalkers" of the individual who published the message and welcomes others to discover out their own. Upon clicking the link a user is required to a webpage beyond Facebook and told to install a Facebook App, and from there they are given their own set of "stalkers" and the option to share the graphic on their own Facebook page.

But are these individuals really your stalkers?

How To See Who Stalks Your Facebook

The response depends quite on how you would specify the term stalker in this context. Historically these types of trashy, clickbaity Apps claim to reveal you which users visit your Facebook profile most frequently. Thus when an App claims to show you your top stalkers we believe that is requirements set forth to identify who qualifies as a stalker, in spite of that not being clearly mentioned by the App, which in this case it isn't.

However Facebook does not make this information public, so any App that claims to show you who visits your profile the most often and hence who is your leading stalker is merely pulling the wool over your eyes. You're being scammed.

Nevertheless exactly what these kinds of Apps can do is count the variety of interactions you have actually had with your Facebook contacts over a time period (for instance the last 2 weeks) then reveal those with the most interactions are your stalkers, albeit this is a quite suspicious usage of the term stalker.

Interactions can include talk about your posts, like on your posts or images, messages sent out between you and posts made directly on your wall.

Essentially its interaction that occurs on Facebook that you're aware of. This of course does not include how lots of times an individual check outs your Facebook profile.

So are these Apps truly showing your stalkers? No, not really. They're telling you which users you communicate with the most.

Steps to How To See Who Stalks Your Facebook

( 1) View page source

When you're visited Facebook, and you are seeing your profile, right-click on any blank space of the existing page, select View Page Source. (In this example, my web internet browser is Firefox).

( 2) Search the string: InitialChatFriendsList.
Utilize the search function to browse the string "InitialChatFriendsList", struck CTRL+F and type InitialChatFriends.

You can likewise use the search function for IE (figure a-3) or Firefox (figure a-2) to do this.

( 3) Learn friend's IDs.

After you have actually discovered out the string "InitialChatFriendsList" (1 ), beside it you will see lots of long-length numbers in quote marks. The numbers are your pals' user ID. The first long-length number (2) is the buddy who views you the a lot of.

( 4) Who is your top facebook Stalker?

Copy this number and paste it to the end of 3) on your browser's address bar, then press Enter. You will see the How To See Who Stalks Your Facebook.