How to See A Friendship On Facebook

Facebook has a little-known function called Friendship Pages that reveals all the wall posts, updates, and images you're tagged in with somebody. How To See A Friendship On Facebook today it's getting a redesign, and Facebook is releasing the fast link for couples to see their Friendship Pages. The previous style was stuck on the awful, old profile format, and now they appear like a shared Timeline.

How To See A Friendship On Facebook

You can take a look at your Relationship Page with someone by going to their profile, clicking the gear icon on the right, and selecting "See Friendship." There you can browse your mutual buddies and Likes, the pictures you're tagged in together, and see a Timeline of all the posts you're in together. Facebook even selects a mutually tagged picture for your cover image.

Friendship Pages aren't absolutely complete. You won't see each other's posts that you have actually Liked or commented on, but they still offer you an emotional look at your history with somebody. Or in between two other individuals. If you click the "More" button on the right of any Relationship Page, Facebook will recommend other friendships to see or let you punch in any two of your buddies' names to see theirs.

For couples it's even simpler. Just go to and if you remain in a Facebook relationship with somebody, you'll see your Friendship Page. If you're all alone, you'll regretfully get dropped back by yourself profile. The redesign and couples pages are rolling out gradually starting today, so you might still see the old design for a while.

Relationship Pages serve to advise you that your entire life is on Facebook, and if you leave, you lose. Facebook originally introduced the feature two years ago but it hasn't gotten much love since. That's a shame and today's update is good because they're a charming way to ease memories with those you care about the majority of.

Then again, you might constantly have a look at your "Relationship" Page with someone you're technically buddies with but really type of hate. "Why did you have to ruin that party?" "This picture would have been a lot better if you weren't in it." And if you truly want some agony, inspect out your Friendship Page with one of your exes. If just you hadn't been so focused on your group buying photo cloud start-up, she 'd still be yours.

How to See Relationship In Between Two People who are not your Friends on Facebook

You can easily see the friendship in between you and your buddy but it is difficult to see the friendship between other individuals who are not your pal due to the fact that Facebook doesn't supply a direct alternative for that. However a basic change in link can reveal you what they depend on. This link basically generates a brand-new timeline that appears the Relationship in between the two users, it also includes mutual pictures, Buddies, Likes, Office, comments and response on each others post (Depending on their privacy settings).

Modify above link by replacing ID_1 and ID_2 with the matching profile ID of the user.

After you have replaced the text it would look something like this:

How to get the IDs

You can get the person's profile ID by opening his/her profile. Some examples are shown below, red significant part is the profile ID of the user use them to edit and alter the link.


The above link does not work for Facebook Pages.

Facebook has been adding numerous new features and one of them consists of showing the essential occasions that have actually accompanied you on Facebook. Whether it may be commemorating a birthday or an occasion that occurred in our life Facebook has been reminding us the essential days.

You can now celebrate your journey with your friends by sharing a video on your profile which has been produced with both of your mutual photos. Facebook previously introduced chart search however a few of the features were removed from it. And from an organisation point of view the Facebook Pages have actually gone a total overhaul and lots of new features have been added. A brand-new analytics see been added for Facebook pages and now you can quickly promote your content with Facebook.

Hopefully this short article How To See A Friendship On Facebook has given you further insight into the Facebook.