How to Remove Facebook Friends

You understand those Facebook good friends who clog up your social stream with stuff you don't care to see or read? Frequently these people are neighbors, "How To Remove Facebook Friends", colleagues and household, so the last thing you wish to do is upset them by unfriending them.

How To Remove Facebook Friends

Fortunately, there are methods to rid your Facebook News Feed of frustrating posts while leaving your relationship outside of Facebook undamaged.

First, you can unfriend the person-- Facebook will not inform the individual you have actually done so. Of course, if the individual begins to question why he or she is not seeing your posts and searches for you, your previous connection will find your profile page and see "send her a good friend demand" in a box on the top of it, a dead free gift pointing towards exactly what you've done.

As an option, you can choose to Unfollow the individual. You'll still be good friends, but you won't see any of their posts. To Unfollow somebody, go to top menu bar and click the down arrow all the method on the right. Then choose News Feed Preferences. There you can decide to Unfollow individuals, prioritize the posts you see first and reconnect with people you have actually unfollowed in the past.

You can likewise decide to have actually somebody removed from your On This Day Feed, so Facebook won't resurface a person's posts from years past. To do this, go to the left side of your News Feed and scroll down to On This Day and click on it. At the top of the On This Day page, you'll see a button for Preferences. Click it for the option to prevent specific individuals and dates from being consisted of.

In addition to you not viewing the person's posts, you can limit that person's access to simply your public posts and information by adding them to your Restricted list. To add the person to your Restricted list, go to your Profile page and click on the "Pals" tab at the top. For each good friend, you can click on the Buddies box next to their name to bring up choices, among which is "Add to another list ..." There, you'll discover the Restricted list, among other lists you've produced.

If you still desire to see the periodic post from a person, there are a couple of ways to reduce the volume of posts. If you do not like certain types of posts, find an angering post and click the arrow in the upper right corner. There you'll see the option to "Hide post".

This will lower the number of posts like the one you simply hid. If you wish to reduce the posts in general, you can tag them as an Associate. For that, go to your Profile page and click on the Pals" tab at the top. For each buddy, you can click on the Friends box next to their name to raise options, among which is to tag them as an Acquaintance.

However exactly what about individuals who you truly care about-- the ones you want to see everything they're doing on Facebook? In the very same location you can tag individuals as an Acquaintance or Limited, you can likewise tag them as a Buddy.