How to Make Photos Private In Facebook

Putting pictures on Facebook is simple; not so simple is keeping all those Facebook photos private, "How To Make Photos Private In Facebook".

View Out for "Public" by Default

By default, Facebook all too frequently makes photos and other material you post on the social media public, indicating anyone can see it. So your big challenge with sharing Facebook images is ensuring you limit who can see them.

Facebook altered its privacy settings in a major redesign in 2011. The new privacy settings offer Facebook users more granular control over who gets to see exactly what, however they likewise are a bit more complicated and can be hard to understand.

Any picture that you're tagged in "belongs" to somebody else. Unless it's a picture of you that you tagged yourself in.

How To Make Photos Private In Facebook

If it's an image of you that you took and tagged yourself in, you "own" the image, and are for that reason in charge of its privacy settings. You can select "Only Me" from the drown down menu on the image, like so:

Images that others have actually tagged you in will remain public, even if you get rid of the tag from that photo Whoever uploaded the photo that your tagged in "owns" that photo.

To remove a tag, click the fall arrow at the top of the post/ image and click "Get rid of Tag":

You'll get this notification though:

You can likewise change your timeline personal privacy settings. These are mine:

Go to settings from the drop down menu:

Then select "Timeline and Tagging".

You'll be able to manage what can be posted on your timeline, and if you see someone has actually tagged a photo of you, you can remove the tag and choose to hide it from your timeline.

Facebook will inform you to anyone who's tagged you in anything on your real timeline, at the bottom right of your cover image.

In summary, only your own material can be made private. Anything you have actually been tagged in by others will be public - but you have the choice to conceal this material from your timeline.

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