How to Find Your Facebook Url

How To Find Your Facebook Url - Finding your Facebook ID is easier than you might believe. Just follow these easy actions:

How To Find Your Facebook Url

1) Go to your profile. You can do this by clicking on your name in the top right-hand man side of any Facebook page

2) In the URL bar at the top of your browser, look for where it states "", and alter the www to chart. Press get in. Your number will be the number following "ID" See the following example, using Mark Zuckerberg's profile.

Highlight the www

change it to chart and press go into. In this example,
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook ID is 4.

3) Save your number someplace so you can get to it later. I keep important information in a Note pad or TextEdit file on my computer.

How Do I Get A Facebook URL For My Business Name?

Getting your very own Facebook URL is extremely easy. Also, having your very own Facebook URL has several benefits:

1. Branding
2. Browse engine coverage
3. It's simple to keep in mind for you and your clients

If you browse, the business that have the tendency to truly do well, are excellent at branding. For example: Red Bull, Apple, and Virgin-- are all excellent business that have exceptional branding. So follow in their steps.

Make certain you calm down on a logo, style guide and business objective statement first before you do anything. These are important steps that are needed to take any sized service into "legendary" status.

Your Facebook page happens to be yet another a location where you require to concentrate on a couple of branding concerns. First is your URL. You don't desire the default URL that Facebook offers you (the one with the long string of numbers on it). What you want is:

The other branding problem on your Facebook page is your business logo. Make sure that it looks good and it is properly sized.

Browse Engine Coverage

One often over looked, however really essential advantage of having your very own Facebook URL-- relates to more search engine coverage. By having an appropriately branded Facebook page, there is a greater opportunity that when somebody searches for your organisation on Google both your website and your Facebook page will appear.

The objective here is to cover the first page of Google with only listings that are owned by your company and no one else. You wish to minimize the opportunity of somebody else clicking on another listing that isn't yours.

It's simple to keep in mind

It's a lot easier for your consumers to find you on Facebook and it's likewise simple for you to tell individuals to "Like" your Facebook page, when you have a much simpler URL. It might not look like much, however I make sure there will be times when you'll be delighted that you took care of this small information.

Ways to Do It

The hardest part of this procedure is actually just discovering where in Facebook you go to do this. I observed that Facebook pages have two kinds of account user interfaces ... and I really do not know why. Their page system is extremely complicated.

Action 1. Login to the Facebook account that your Page is connected with
A number of us have individual and service Facebook accounts. Make certain you log into the account that you have actually established for service.

Action 2. Click the little arrow in the upper best hand corner. Select "Use Facebook as a Page".
Keep in mind: If you don't see what is revealed listed below-- listen up: Depending on how your account is established, you may have to select "pages" from the menu left wing. Then choose the page you wish to create a URL for And After That click on edit page.

Action 3. Find the tab called "Basic Information" and choose it.

Action 4. Click on "Produce a username for this page?".

Action 5. Enter Your Desired Username.
Aim to keep your user name constant throughout all social networks. For instance, you should usually utilize the very same username you use for your company Twitter account.

Action 6. Inspect to make sure you enter the right name, and click confirm.

Pretty easy right. Now the next action is to learn how to use Facebook successfully for your business.

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