How to Find Hidden Facebook Messages

Facebook filters your buddies' messages into 2 different inboxes inside the Facebook Messenger app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Learn how to examine which messages Facebook is keeping concealed from you, below How To Find Hidden Facebook Messages.

When a Facebook buddy sends you a private message through the popular social media-- you get an alert.

How To Find Hidden Facebook Messages

Online, the little Messages icon-- which resembles 2 speech bubbles and beings in the top-right corner of the toolbar, beside the Notifications icon-- is highlighted whenever a pal messages you.

Meanwhile, your smartphone or tablet with also ping with a notice to let you know that you have actually got an unread message waiting.

And depending upon your alert settings, the US social media might likewise drop you an email or a text.

But exactly what occurs when somebody who isn't really your good friend drops you a line? Or Facebook does not believe you 'd appreciate the message?

Well, following the revelation of the second, concealed inbox last year-- Facebook changed the way it handles people who aren't your pals.

Nowadays, anybody who sends you a private message without being your Facebook good friend appears as a "Message Demand", which you can check out and decide whether to permit them to continue contacting you.


Except Facebook is still filtering and weeding out messages from your inbox using an algorithm to dispose angering messages in another concealed inbox.

Think about it like a spam folder in your email inbox. And like a spam folder, it doesn't always get it right.

Introduce Facebook Messenger on your smart device or tablet, hit Settings

To discover the messages that Facebook has actually filtered from you-- release the Messenger app on your smart device.

Click on the Settings tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the display screen.

Head to Individuals > Message Requests > See Filtered Demands.

This is where you'll find the messages that Facebook thinks you didn't wish to see.

Approved, some of it will be worthless spam however there could be some messages from individuals that show to be exceptionally handy.

Discovering the initial surprise inbox, one member of the team discovered an email from a kind complete stranger who 'd found their lost wallet ... back in 2013.

Another team member came across a message from a competitors organiser notifying them that they were the lucky winner of a digital cam.

Unfortunately the competition-- and the subsequent distribution of rewards-- had actually finished up some 5 months previously.

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