How to Copy Video From Facebook

How To Copy Video From Facebook - Photobucket provides you the option to download your videos as well as uploading them. So long as the video is in MP4 format, you can download it onto your computer system and transfer it to other upload and sharing site.

This enables you to copy and move videos onto your Facebook company page's Timeline. Photobucket does not provide this option for FLV files, though you can still share these videos by publishing the link using the "Share" button in Facebook's status upgrade field.

How To Copy Video From Facebook

1. Visit to your Photobucket account and click the "Video" link to look at all your videos. Click the thumbnail of the video you desire to download.

2. Hover over the the full-size view of the video with your mouse tip and hover over the "File" alternative when it appears. Click "Download" when the alternative pops up. Click the "Conserve" button when a dialog box appears.

3. Visit to your Facebook account and click on your organisation page from the list of your pages under your applications and groups.

4. Click "Photo/Video" above the status update field on your Timeline. Click "Upload Photo/Video" and push the "Select File" button. Browse to the video you downloaded from Photobucket using the file web browser window that pops up and click the "Open" button. Add a caption for your video and click the "Post" button.

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