Facebook.com Login Find Friends

We covered one method of adding Buddies in our guide "Facebook.Com Login Find Friends" once you have your account established you may desire to look for more good friends. You can continue to add people to your pals list for as long as you have an account.

Facebook.Com Login Find Friends

If you wish to find out how you can discover your long lost friends on Facebook, here are a few methods to assist you do this:

Email Contact List

1. After you log in to Facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/find-friends and a long list of email service providers and communication/chat networks (e.g. AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Gmail, Yahoo, Skype) will appear.

2. Select the e-mail accounts you wish to import contacts from and enter your email/username and/or password.

3. Click "Find Friends" and your contacts will be imported. A list of good friends from your contacts who have an existing Facebook will appear

4. Select the buddies you want to "Add" to your Facebook account.

5. Last, however not least, for the e-mail contacts that do not have an existing Facebook account, you will be asked if you wish to welcome them to join you on Facebook.

Search Feature

1. After going to to Facebook, you can enter the name of the person you are trying to find in the "Browse" bar situated at the top of the page.

2. Your search outcome will consist of People, Facebook Pages, Places, Groups, etc., so you will require to filter so that just "People" appear in your search results. To do this, click on the "People" tab situated in the left navigation bar. Your search outcome will now include just People with the name you entered previously in the search bar.

3. If the person you are trying to find does not appear on the first page of outcomes, you can narrow your outcomes by entering where they live, where they went to school, or the name of the business they work for. To do this, at the top of the page you will see noted under "Search Tools" the following filters, Place, Education, and Work environment. Select the filter you want to apply and enter their area, school or work environment.

Individuals You May Know (Facebook Suggestions).

The first 2 approaches noted above must help you get going. However, another popular function that has actually assisted me reconnect with buddies is the "People You May Know" feature. I recommend looking at this after you have added a handful of buddies because Facebook will suggest pals based upon the people you are already gotten in touch with on Facebook.

People You Might Know looks at, to name a few things, your present friend list and their friends, your education information and your work information. Facebook.Com Login Find Friends, If you are already buddies on Facebook with some individuals from your last job, for instance, you may find some more of your former coworkers (assuming they show up to you in search) amongst the "People You Might Know' tips.