Facebook to Twitter

Tip and show you the best ways to incorporate it into your social media technique. This week we show you ways to link your Twitter account to your Facebook account so that your tweets are immediately posted to Facebook, "Facebook To Twitter".

Your pals on Facebook may be quite different, and mutually exclusive, from your fans on Twitter. If you just publish updates to Twitter, your Facebook pals may be losing out on intriguing or useful updates from you. You can copy and paste updates from one social networks website to another, but here's a much simpler method to make sure your posts are seen by audiences on both platforms.

Facebook To Twitter

1. Go to the Twitter Apps page
2. Click on Connect to Facebook
3. License the application by logging in to your Facebook account if you're not currently visited permanently-- it is 2017 after all. This will link your Twitter account with your Facebook one! You can then choose what will be published instantly on Facebook from the very same Apps page.

After you have actually licensed it, this will show up:

Facebook To Twitter, You'll have to authorize it publishing to your page that you manage (depending upon the consents or page role that you have) and you're excellent to go!