Facebook Login Home Page Google Face

Facebook Login Home Page Google Face | Chrome is Google's Web internet browser. Regular updates generally keep it compatible with sites, but in some cases the complexities of Facebook encounter issues with newer browsers.

Facebook Login Home Page Google Face

Google employees have dealt with the issue with some fixing tips. Eventually, if you're having problem with a single site with one web browser, opening it in a different browser can solve the problem.

1. Open Facebook in Chrome's "Incognito mode." Press "Ctrl-+ Shift+ N" in Windows, or "Command+ Shift+ N" in Apple, to open an incognito window. Enter your login details as usual, and if the login works the issue is with a plug-in or Chrome's cache.

2. Disable any plug-ins that you've included to Chrome. Some plug-ins have an icon to the right of the URL bar. Click the wrench on the far right, then "Tools," then "Extensions" to see the extensions and plug-ins. Some extensions might avoid Facebook from working correctly, so disable all them and include them in one by one to see which one is the problem.

3. Clear the cache in Chrome by clicking "Chrome," then "Clear browsing data." Inspect "Empty the cache" and "Erase cookies," then click "Delete browsing history."

4. Close Chrome and open it again, then log into Facebook.


Look for updates to Google Chrome regularly to keep it current. And one more thing please don’t forget to share this awesome trick to use the Facebook Login Home Page Google Face with your friends.