Facebook App Download for android Phone

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there. It stands now as having numerous countless users, and that number is growing every day. So it is no surprise that individuals are downloading the application to their mobile devices so they can get the many of the experience. There are two ways to Facebook App Download For Android Phone. You can either do this from your desktop or your mobile phone itself. Both are relatively basic and can be performed in just a couple of minutes!

Facebook App Download For Android Phone

1. Open Google Play. Tap its icon situated on the home screen to open Google Play Shop.

  • If you can't find the icon on the very first page, swipe either left and right, or up and down the screen (depending on your phone design) to switch in between pages and try to find the Google Play Shop icon.

  • If the app is not on your house screen, try looking for it in the app drawer.

2. Browse for "Facebook" in the search bar. Tap the search tool (magnifying glass icon) at the top-right corner of Google Play and enter "Facebook." Press "OK" on your keyboard to start searching.

3. Access the app's information page. The official site needs to be the first app to come out in the list. Tap it.

4. Tap on the Install button. The app will automatically download and install to your phone. Once it has completed downloading, merely tap Open, if you're still on the Google Play page. If you've gone out of Google Play, just search for the Facebook app icon in your list of applications.

  • If you're requested any unique permission, simply tap the Okay button on the approval trigger to start the download, which will take around a few seconds, depending upon your connection speed.

  • After setup, you can access Facebook on your Android gadget through the app.

How to set up Facebook Home on Android 4.0 or greater

Facebook Home is readily available for a limited number of Android devices. These include the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II, HTC One X, HTC One X+, and HTC First. Thankfully, members of the xda Developers Forum developed a method to install Facebook House on any Android device with Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean).

xda is a website for sophisticated Android users for software adjustments that require greater understanding of the Android os. Lots of mods need root access and a recovery ROM. Nevertheless, you don't require either of those to install Facebook House.

This installation of Facebook Home was finished on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and your gadget may have different areas for different settings.

Prior to Installation

For Facebook Home to set up correctly, you should uninstall any other Facebook-related apps. You can uninstall apps through the Settings menu by picking Apps. Scroll down to each Facebook-related app and tap on it. Now strike the uninstall button to eliminate the app from your device.

You will likewise have to allow apps from Unidentified sources. Allowing setup from unidentified sources can be a possible security threat because it permits anonymous (unproven) apps to be set up. You should constantly understand this when proceeding. In the settings menu scroll down and tap on security and select Unknown sources.

Install a file manager app on your gadget. File manager apps let you see files in your gadget with a file explorer. Astro File Manager is a common option due to the fact that it's simple to use. In addition to viewing files, Astro File Supervisor can backup your apps and files along with sideload apps outside of Google Play.


Head over to the xda Developers Forum and download the Facebook files. There will be two download links: one archive for Facebook Home and the Facebook app apks and the second for Facebook Messenger.

To make the files simpler to manage, download them to a folder on your desktop. Extract the FB_Home RAR with an archive program such as WinRAR. You will have the files "com.facebook.home" and "com.facebook.katana." Link your Android device to your computer and move the files to a simple to discover location.

Setting up.

Open Astro File Supervisor and locate the folder that you previously copied. First set up com.facebook.katana.apk (Facebook app) followed by com.facebook.home.apk (Facebook House launcher app). Now you can install fborca242.apk to include Facebook Messenger.

Making It Possible For Facebook House.

To enable Facebook House, open the Facebook app and log in with your username and password. Open Facebook settings and scroll to the bottom of choices to enable Facebook House. A menu will appear asking if you wish to utilize Facebook House or the default Android Launcher. Select Facebook House and set it as the main launcher by selecting Always.

A new home.

Considering that the Android device you have actually installed Facebook Home on isn't an officially supported device, some functions may differ. You can disable Facebook Home by going back to the App Settings menu and unchecking "Enable Facebook House.".

Utilizing Facebook House changes the functionality of your Android gadget. If you're a consistent user of the social media network, then the launcher might be useful. With the little selection of supported devices, this may be the only way you can personally evaluate Facebook Home and see if you like it. If you wonder on how Facebook deals with a main device, here's our hands on set up on the Samsung Galaxy S3. And one more thing please don’t forget to share this awesome trick to use the Facebook App Download For Android Phone with your friends.