Collage Maker for Facebook

"Collage Maker For Facebook" Develop picture collages with the free online collage maker "Collagr". This complimentary online collage maker is presently in beta and supports development of collage, with images in your Flickr or Photobucket accounts.

Collage Maker For Facebook

Earlier we covered a tutorial on the complimentary desktop collage maker from Google, Picasa. It was an absolutely spectacular tool to develop gorgeous picture collages. We then covered another wonderful complimentary image editor called Photoscape to make a photo collage.We also covered another cool online app called "Hockneyizer" to make picture collage.

Ways to create image collages with the totally free online collage maker "Collagr"?

Update-- "Collagr" is no longer available.You could instead attempt this online online image collage maker, "Photovisi".

Collagr has a basic online interface to develop image collages.

  • Go to

  • Click the button labelled "Program settings"

  • Next, choose the layout, background, size, resolution and filter, if any, for your picture collage

  • Then, define the URLs of images in your Flickr or Photobucket account

  • Finally, click the button "Build it"

Wait on a long time and you will lastly get a cool image collage. You might then share it by either connecting to the online collage or using the embed code to embed it in your blog site. If you wish to conserve the image collage to your desktop, right click the image and choose "Conserve image as" to download it to your computer system.

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