See who Views My Facebook

Ever question if somebody in specific views your Facebook profile many times a day, whether it's somebody you like or if it's a random stalker? Follow these actions and See Who Views My Facebook.

See Who Views My Facebook

Prior to we learn this technique to find fb profile visitors. I desire you to follow this basic guide with actions mentioned below.


  • Open Google Chrome, and login to your Facebook Account

  • After you logging in, use Ctrl+ U or Right Click >> and select view page source.

  • After than use CTRL+F and type InitialChatFriendsList

  • Now you would have the ability to discover couple of id's after that code.

Important: The codes you see after you found, InitialChatFriendsList are the facebook id's of persons, who visited your facebook profile just recently. No other fb applications can trace your fb profile visitors. This is 100% working method/trick without utilizing any app

The above image, shows numerous id's after the code, these are the fb id's of your buddies, might be your fb woman friend, kid buddy or from unidentified person. The very first id is the just recently checked out prospect to your profile page. The second id, is the, 2nd latest visited prospect.

To learn the victim profile, you have to copy that id and state ex: 100045214522542-2 You need to only copy (100045214522542) without -2. So now open paste id here).

It ought to look like this

Now you can easily See Who Views My Facebook.