How to Save A Facebook Video

How To Save A Facebook Video, Facebook has actually become the place for video media. With the increasing need for videos and other media, Facebook has actually increased its video-dependent policy. Facebook acknowledges the individuals's love for this form of home entertainment and info sharing. If you have ever attempted to download Facebook videos, then you should understand that it is not as simple with videos on other sites.

How To Save A Facebook Video

There are numerous apps and software applications that you can install and download Facebook videos In this article, I concentrated on 2 standard methods to perform this task. You don't have to download and install any software or app. You can download videos on Facebook by following two simple techniques.

Technique 1: Downloading With the Assistance of Other Websites

This is a convenient technique of downloading a Facebook video if you are utilizing a PC or laptop computer. Though it works on your Smart device too, you may discover it a bit hard to switch between web pages. The most common websites for this job are, and There are lots of others however I found these dependable and easy to use. Here are the actions to follow-.

1. Open Facebook in a web browser. Preferably Google Chrome.

2. Right click on the desired video. It will open a context menu. From this menu pick the "Show Video URL" choice.


3. Right there on the top of the video, you will see the URL. Copy the link of the page by pressing CTRL+C.


4. Open another tab and type in the URL of one of these sites (, or that you want to download videos with.

5. Paste the copied link in the space provided on the opened website in the 2nd tab and click the download button. You can do this by pressing Get in secret.


6. Select the required video quality and the area on your gadget where you wish to wait.


7. Your needed video will be downloaded in a couple of seconds.
Now you do not have to scroll down your Facebook page to find and replay an interesting video. Download it, share or play offline anytime you want.

Technique 2: Straight from Facebook.

The 2nd approach is without any app or website. You can directly download Facebook Videos by following these quick steps-.

1. Login Facebook and open the preferred video by clicking on it. It will open in a new tab.


2. The video should be playing in this tab. In the URL bar, change "www" with "m" and press enter.

3. Now scroll down to the preferred video which is now opened in mobile view.


4. Play the video again here (It is important to keep the video in playing mode).

5. Right click the video. You will observe a menu. Select "save video as".

6. You will be prompted to save the video on your PC or laptop through a Save Dialog Box.

7. Provide an affordable name to the video and wait on your laptop or PC for future usage.


When you download the Facebook Videos on your PC or Laptop, you can easily copy it in your smart device and enjoy the videos even when you are offline. These are the two most convenient way to download Facebook video without risking your PC to some unreliable app or software. If we missed out on something simpler, don't be reluctant to share in the comments box.

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