Facebook Delete Group

Facebook Delete Group ~ This tutorial is for those, who intend to remove undesirable or unused groups created by them on Facebook.The procedure is rather straightforward, please follow the steps below to delete the group from your account.

Facebook Delete Group

Step 1:
Login to your facebook account, navigate to the group's web page which you would love to remove.

Step 2:
Currently click "See All" links on the Participants area, Displayed on best side of the page.

Step 3:
You will see a page displaying Members listing, that had signed up with the group. To remove the team, you should remove all the participants from the group first. you can eliminate them by clicking the cross mark on each participant.

Step 4:
Now, you could see you' r the just one staying in the Team. now navigate to the team's home page, there on the right side you can see" Leave and also Erase group" web link, click the web link.

Step 5:
You will certainly be motivated with an appear as revealed below,

Click the" Erase Group" Button, congratulations your team is erased. The group is nowhere to be seen on facebook.

Keep in mind: The team will certainly be Deleted Quickly, otherwise it could take sometime for the changes to happen.